Best Processor ? Things to know before buying.

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The processor is called a CPU. Many are called CPU (Central Processing Unit). Which controls and performs all the functions of the computer. The processor does all the work or process of any device, not just the network. For example, mobile processors, etc.

If you want to play a video, audio, a game like this, then the process is done by the processor.

There are two companies in the world that have a much better processor.

1. Intel 2.  AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

You can blindly buy their device. However, before buying, what to buy and what to know about the processor before buying, it is important to know.

When you buy a processor, here are four things the processor should look for:

Clock speed :

Clock speed refers to the speed of the processor. It indicates how fast the computer can calculate. The faster the clock speed, the faster it can work. clock speed is measured by GHz.

The number of cores :

The number of cores is the number of processors in a processor. Explain a bit, like suppose you can compare heart with our hands. Suppose you can do one thing with one hand, two with two sides. This way, you can work as many hands as you can. The more the core, so the more the processor can work. There are many core processors like this. DUAL CORE, QUAD CORE HEXA CORE, OCTA CORE, etc.

Cache memory :

It is also a kind of computer memory, hard disk, Ram. This means that data is stored, which means that data can be used repeatedly within a short period. The higher the cache of the processor, the greater the load capacity. This Cache memory is attached to the processor. Contains up to 2 MB, 4 MB, 6 MB, 8 MB.

Generation :

Something new is added to the architecture or functions of the processor, after a few days the processor architecture design changes, this is what is called Generation. The higher the Generation, the faster the processor speeds up, the output design becomes sorted

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