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We all know more or less about ERP. It’s to verge. ERP full abbreviation Enterprise resource planning, another way you can say, it’s the integration system. It brings everything together in one place by establishing relationships with different things. Ademiprere ERP Software something there is a module, its name is.

I have already mentioned the names of the ERP software modules before, today I will discuss the fetuses of the flowers.



  • Local Purchase Option
  • L/C or Foreign Purchase Option
  • Landed cost auto calculation
  • Purchase VAT Auto Calculation
  • Payment Term Setup Option


  • Raw-material Receive and Issue Option
  • Finished Goods Production, Movement, Sales, and Issue Option
  • Batch No. and Lot No wise Inventory Tracking
  • Expiry Date entry option


  • Any kind of Discount Policy can be set in ERP.
  • Fastest Entry option of Sales Order: Users can process a sales order by giving entry and pressing enter with auto calculation of discount in the Sales Order Form.
  • Available quantity check option from the sales order form
  • Shipment and Invoice Generate Automatically by using a single Form
  • Due Shipment Option
  • Gift, Donation, and Sample allocation and Issue Option
  • Easy entry Option for Return and Replacement
  • Market Setup Option
  • Customer Assignment Option
  • Employee (National Head, Zonal Head, Regional Head, Area Manager, MSO) Assignment Option
  • Territory wise Sales Target Setup Option
  • Product Group Assignment Option


  • Cash  Collection Option
  • Collected Cash Transfer Option from Depot to Head Office and Banks
  • Daily Expense Entry Option
  • Payment against daily expenses
  • Payment against Purchase
  • Bank Reconciliation Option
  • Purchase, Sales, Collection, Payment, and Expense Accounting automatically processed (Do not need to give manual journal entry)

5. QC

  • Tester Information Details
  • Individual Product Wise Number of  Tests Information Details
  • Lab Analysis (QC Analysis Entry Option)
  • Lab Analysis Confirmation Option (Approval Option)

6. HRM

  • Employee Details Update Option
  • Different Concepts / Addition & Deduction from salary set up Option
  • Employee Attendance Option (Manual & Machine Based)
  • Employee Leave Status Entry
  • Employee Increment update option
  • Employee Department and Designation (Promotion) update option
  • Payroll Processing Option
  • Employee Confirmation Details update option
  • Employee Resignation Update Option
  • Location Wise Leave & Weekend setup option
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Key performance indicator (KPI) for each Employee
  • Recruitment Process


  • Bill of Material set up option (Raw-material & Packaging Material Required for a single unit of  Finished Goods)
  • Raw-material consumption, Labor, Overhead, and Burden cost auto calculation
  • Production accounting auto-update
  • Variance calculation during the production process

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