How to install PostgreSQL Database in command line on Linux / Ubuntu / Debian / Linux mint Operating systems

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how to install postgreSQL

You can easily setup Postgre Database, Linux OS. with command / cmd. Postgre Database open-source software. For this, you first need to turn on cmd. How to setup Postgre SQL Database this is done by showing step by step in a Linux operating system.

Step 1 :

First, you have to turn on cmd. Type su in the command line then root password set.

Step 2:

Then you have to go to the folder where the PostgreSQL file is, using the command. It shows how to win. Now to give permission before you set up the PostgreSQL will. For chmod 777 then file name.

linux postgreSQL install setup database

Step 3: 

Now you have to rerun the file. The name of the command line ./file.

database postgreSQL

Step 4 : 

Now you can see the graphical view. Then next.

Then set the file location, where you want to install.

linux operating System
then give next

linux mint

then the data directory should be set, then next

postgreSQL Ubuntu
Then set the password and give it again next

postgreSQL Debain
Then leave the port and click next

linux cmd

then next again

install pgAdmin ubuntu
Then check everything and click next

linux db

then next

postgreSQL tutorial
Now the install has started then finish. Your setup is complete. Now we have to run and see if it is OK.

postgresql linux mint

Go to the search option in the corner and click on PostgreSQL 10> pgAdmin 4. then a view of PostgreSQL

install postgres 9.6 ubuntu
Will come Then a view like the one below will appear in the browser.

debian 9 postgresql

I hope now you can set yourself up. Can you do it anymore? Or you must let us know if there is any problem.

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