How to keep your WordPress site 100% secure using free plugin

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Wordpress Security Plugin

Today we will see how you make your WordPress site can secure. There are so many types of websites in the world secure. If not, there may be a bug on your site. Again hackers can attract. You can use WordPress to stay safe from this plugin. There are many plugins, including iThemes Security. iThemes Security is mighty.

Let’s see. This is how you set up your WordPress site.

First, after going to Add new from Plugin Option, go to Search Option and type ithemes security, then it will come up then install then activate. Below is the image; you can set up by looking.

Web Site Security

There are many default options turned on, even after a short while, I’m going to say, makes it easier for you to understand.

Security Panel

Plugins Dashboard

Security Check > Show details > I will close it with Security Run.

Global Settings > Configure Settings >

User Lockout Message: The site will run when the site is locked
Will show this message.

Community Lockout Message: Many IP spamming. Most are shares with IP. Then IP lock that share. So the better option is dedicated IP use Todo. If not, it will be blocked by its IP, if the share is IP.

Blacklist Threshold: If you try more than three times with any IP, it will be locked. Blacklist Lookback Period: How long will the lock be at that time?

Here you can tell that no IP lock will be worn. If you keep with your IP, then your IP block will not be listed. Now come out with Save Changes.

Notification Center > Configure Settings > If anyone here is locked. If it is locked, keep the email address to whom you will email. You can also tell who will receive the email.

404 Detection :

404 Error Solved

It’s best to keep it enabled. Because many people come to your site for no reason
Will visit. This means that hackers will hit your site with different links than 404 not found.
The page can be seen. If it happens again and again, then it will be blocked automatically.

You can see the details when you go to configure.

Banned Users > Configure Settings>

Ban Hosts: Here, you can give IP to those you want to block. Besides, he will take it automatically.

Database Backups > Configure Settings >

database auto backup worpdress

Click Create a Database Backup here to back up your email Take it automatically. It’s at least an emergency.

Details I will show you how to backup. Because your data can crash at any time Could. Then you can easily work with your backup database.

Schedule if you want, you can take data backup. For this, your Schedule Database Backups Give the option with Backup Interval, how many days you want to take a backup. Now come out with Save Changes.

File Change Detection >

Keep it enabled, if any file of the website is changed, then it is yours Will be notified. It is very important.

System Tweaks : 

Keep enabled. Then go to configuration settings, Directory Browsing ঃ Disable so that any visitor to your website core file Can’t access them. This is also important. Now come out with Save Changes.

Two-Factor Authentication etc. Below is some more pro version, these will make more secure. E.g., Two-Factor Authentication, etc.

But what I’m doing above, that’s a lot. But if you do not say the more advanced level, If you need security, then you can use the pro version. But I think it is needed more Will not Let’s see the options setting one by one.






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