Easy way How to develop/install a WordPress blog with cPanel

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wordpress installation

WordPress is the best accessible Content Management System (CMS). With which you can also do Blogging.
You can also create a professional website. It is based on Php and MySQL.

What are the ways you can install WordPress :

  • Global Web Server using cPanel
  • LocalHost

Today, Now we will see how to develop a blog with cPanel?Most Simple way How to develop/install a WordPress blog with cPanel step by step.

cPanel is one of the most popular control panels in the world. When you hosting panel when you buy cPanel accounts are given.cPanel has two interfaces; a user interface called cPanel, which helps you manage the website, and a server management interface called Web Host Manager (WHM), which allows you to control the server. We will read the details and discuss the details.


How to Login to cPanel :

You add the cPanel name with your website name with a backslash. Example: https://webdatatips.com/cpanel. After that, your username and password Login.


How do you do blog development using WordPress:

First, you need a domain. People by that name your blog site You will recognize, You have to buy it. Where to buy? There are many popular sites Those who sell domains. Among them, Namecheap, Goddady, Bluehost best. You can buy it here.

best domain find

Second, You need a web hosting account. With which your blog site will be live online. You can also buy it from NameCheap, Goddady, Bluehost. They sell web hosting.

We selected the domain name webdatatips.com, you choose your domain name and buy. Then Hosting and buy. When you buy hosting, it will give you access to file management, username, and password. I call it cPanel.


Now there is a small task. After hosting, they will give you a DNS (Domain name server), which you can go to the domain account and put it or change it. Your domain will be turned on. Let’s see how to change.

You go to the domain account and go to the nameservers and put the DNS, which will be provided to you by the hosting company. Notice in the picture below, then you will understand. DNS basically takes to add a domain with hosting. Domain maintains its DNS. This is the medium of connection of the domain with the hosting. Then a short time. The connection will be made soon. After that, if you search with your domain name, you will get your site online, with the hosting files will be shown, this is the main work.

domain hosting DNS


Now we will log in to cPanel with my username and password. This is the Dashboard. There are many options here. Next, we will discuss the details of cPanel’s Dashboard.

cpanel dashboard

cPanel has an app that will easily install WordPress. It’s called Softaculous Apps. Not just WordPress but different files
These apps also install files or CMS (you can see what a CMS is).


How much do you need to download the WordPress version? Where to keep the file? Where to upload? Where to pay Database? There is no need to think about these. Everything will be processed automatically. automatically
will install.

Let’s see the step by step process :

Step 1:

Select the WordPress Manager by Softaculous option from the Cpanel Dashboard.

wordpress softaculous

Step 2:

After that the WordPress will look like the image below, now click on the Install Now option.

wordpress install

Step 3:

Now you put your domain name in Choose domain, in directory blank. Choose protocol https: // if your site is SSL verified. I will also show you how to verify the SSL.

domain and https


Step 4:

Now you give the Site Name, and I gave WebDataTips site Description according to your business.

Step 5:

Enter Admin Account Name and Password, then enter Admin Email where You will get all your information.

Choose protocol domain and https

Step 6:

All other information does not need to be changed immediately.

Step 7:

Now click Install.

worpdress themes install

Step 8:

After the process is complete, a successful message will appear, as shown below.

wordpress installation process

Step 9:

Below you will find a link to your domain name with a link to the WordPress dashboard or customization. Click on the link in the domain name; you will see The website is coming.

wordpress install successfully

Step 10:

or view the Wordp#Press Dashboard option under Image see, please.

wordpress install successfully

Step 11:

Finally view blog sites online live, please see this.

Wordpress blog

That means we can integrate hosting with CPanel to install WordPress successfully I can. I hope you understand. Try it yourself, see it. And of course, Don’t forget to comment.

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