Top 7 Types of Digital Marketing for Successful Online Business

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Digital Marketing

Earlier I had a brief discussion on Tools of Digital Marketing. I am also talking about digital marketing. Today we have Digital Marketing I will discuss the details of the tools. I hope this will help you build a successful online business.

Types of Digital Marketing for Successful Online Businesse :

  1. Content Marketing
  2. SEO-Search Engine Optimization
  3. SEM-Search Engine Marketing
  4. SMM-Social Media Marketing.
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Mobile Marketing


1. Content Marketing :

We talk all the time. Now, if you have a nice idea about a topic related to that topic, create information that is content. Content can be video, audio, articles. And if you publish that content online, offline, Television, and many more places. Then it will become content marketing.


Content Marketing is the best way of Digital Marketing. If you want to do digital marketing, of course, content marketing is required. Be it product or service; it must have content for marketing.  It is impossible to do digital marketing without content. Remember, Content Marketing is a major part of Digital Marketing.


Below are two pic.suppose you did a google search with COVID 19, see there some related videos and articles have come out. We have said before that content audio, video, text can be of different types.

Content Marketing


On the other hand, look at offline marketing, which is given through the billboard.

2. SEO-Search Engine Optimization :

What is Seo? I have a web site. Now I want to bring this website to the top of search engines, the work that has to be done to bring these tops, that is SEO. What will happen if you do this SEO? The value of our website will increase; the visitor will increase.

SEO Main 2 Types :

White Hat SEO :
Google has some rules and regulations, the SEO that is done by following the rules white Hat SEO. This SEO is more effective, and its output result is much better.

White Hat SEO Examples :

  • Your content must be related to a specific topic, not that your site is a mobile review, But you did with software. That must be helpful content.
  • The content must be neat. The topics on your site are categorized separately shared. As if anyone can come and find everything easily.
  • The content is shared on social media.

Black Hat SEO :
White Hat SEO is totally the opposite. This means that SEO works not follow Google’s guidelines
they call Black Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO Examples :

  • Given copied content
  • Keyword Hide
  • Create paid backlinks
  • To create a fake link, you clicked on one link but was taken to another link. One is called doorway pages
  • Clicked on one page but there was nothing, took me to another page, called one cloaking
  • Creating very short content
  • private blog networks

In addition to these tasks, there are many other tasks that fall into Black Hat SEO. If only you knew the basics. You must know these things when you work. So that you can know Google can block you if you do that.

There are also more SEO types.

Grey Hat SEO :
Gray Hat SEO is that some jobs follow Google’s guidelines, while some jobs do not follow Google’s guidelines. Between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

You will always work with White Hat SEO. Because it’s google authorize.

White Hat SEO is divided into two parts.

1. On-Page SEO :

The website has some rules and regulations, some tricks. These are the things that are done to maintain, that is, On-Page SEO.

2. Off-Page SEO :

Off-page SEO is to build your link, link with those whose page rank is good to create a relationship Where to build realization with a big website.

Why SEO Important :

  • SEO is needed for this, that people will find you
  • To maintain regular traffic, you need to create an organic search on the website.
  • Visitors will create trust in SEO. Not that you are right on your website
    Like, they are trying to give the right information.
  • Perfect SEO means you know your audience well.
  • If your site is eCommerce type, then regular visitors will come to sell regularly, for that also SEO is needed.
  • If you do regular SEO, you will be able to stay updated on tech-related issues. Which is very important
  • SEO does not cost much
  • SEO output results are long-term, which means benefit

SEO has many more benefits, which cannot be overstated

Now let’s see if there are Google webmaster guidelines :

Websites should be made for users not others. One was user friendly.

The user must share the correct link to your website, no error page or fraudulent link can be shared.

The website should be made in such a way that the site is priced, helpful, people are interested to visit, all the time.

Avoid Things of SEO :
  • Automated Generated Link Avoid
  • Content cannot be copied and blank content cannot be created
  • You can also visit this link to know more details. Where details have been discussed

3. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) :

Search engine marketing is the marketing that is done through search engines. Let’s say in a little detail, when we search on google, under different page content Ads, I see the text that actually comes by paying google. That’s Search Engine Marketing.

Google Adsense

4. Pay-Per-Click Advertising :

You have to pay for every click. It is called Pay-Per-Click Advertising shortly. This is called PPC.

5. Affiliate Marketing :

If someone sells a product, the profit that will be made after selling, taking part in the profit is called affiliate marketing. It can also be from your website or video. It is called passive income. What is passive income?

Suppose you are asleep or go for a walk, then the income will not stop. There will continue time, untimely. It’s not like a job that requires you to work while maintaining your duty time.

If you show the benefits and details review of a product, what will be the benefit to you? Why take it etc.
If the product is for sale, the person whose product you sold will give you something from his profit. This is the affiliation Marketing. Example You shared the link with a software product review of ThemeForest on your site, now the user clicked on that link and bought the product.

6. Email Marketing :

If you are promoting your product or service directly via email, that’s it Email Marketing.his builds a relationship with the customer. Letting us know by email which new product you are bringing, at some point the customer may need the product, then he will buy it. Let the customer know.

7. Mobile Marketing :

The marketing that is done through mobile is called Mobile Marketing. How can you do customer marketing with your mobile with SMS, MMS, Apps, this kind of marketing, it can also be done with tabs.


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