What is Digital Marketing ? Why does it ? Here some ways you can make money online

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing? Suppose you have a product consumer or customer.
Reaching it, and it takes a medium to achieve it. You can tell who that medium is Marketing.

You can say that your company has a product, to create a value For your clients. Marketing is the process of getting information about your product or service to the customer or the public.

There are 4P things to keep in mind when it comes to your marketing.
1. Product  2. Price  3.Promotion  4.Place


4p Why? You will need a product for marketing, will you need a price for the product again? That product has to be promoted again, by promotion. You have to win in the right place. And this is called 4p, each related to the symbol.

How many types of marketing?

Two types :
1. Traditional Marketing
2. Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing :

We can call Marketing without the Internet as Traditional Marketing. Liaplate, Billboards Marketing, TV, Radio, Again, the ads that I see in the newspaper are also called Traditional Marketing.

Benefits of Traditional Marketing :
  • You can easily reach the local audience, whether it is through leaflets or miking.
  • You can easily understand this marketing. From very ordinary people to the higher public, you can reach your product, say service, you can understand Easily.

Digital Marketing :

Marketing through the Internet & Digital Device is called Digital Marketing. These two things are essential.
For Digital Marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing :
  • We can easily promote products or serves in a very short time.
  • Digital Marketing costs less.
  • You can do Digital Marketing at home. For this you don’t have to run outside, you have to work hard, and you have less.
  • In Digital Marketing, you can find our audience. What is his age, what is his gender? Where is his location? Learn more
  • You can do this through digital marketing.
  • You can easily do marketing with Computer, Mobile. This is why people prefer this marketing.

If you want to start a small business, you must choose digital marketing. Because in a very short time, at a very low cost, you can get the status of your product or service.

TOP Tools of Digital Marketing :

1. SEO-Search Engine Optimization
2. Content Marketing
3. SEM-Search Engine Marketing
4. SMM-Social Media Marketing
5. Affiliate Marketing
6. Email Marketing
7. Mobile Marketing

In 2020, marketing charts published important skills for Marketers Today’s articles.
From that report, it is understood how valuable digital marketing is for business. About 87%. Which will increase day by day.

important skills of market

image source : marketingcharts

Now can you tell me what I will do with digital marketing?

I’ll tell you what you can’t do! Nowadays, all the big companies are leaning towards digital marketing. Because they understand, Now it is not possible to do business with Traditional Marketing. So you can enter the job sector if you want. Now there are many job posts in this digital marketing sector.

Career Opportunity in Digital Marketing :

Video production
Mobile Marketing
Web Development
Web Design
Copywriting and Editing
Business Strategy

As a Freelancer :

make money freelencing
If you want to do freelancing, you will find huge jobs here too. By doing this, you can earn huge dollars. There will be no shortage of work with this digital marketing.


In the next blog, we will discuss the details of the types. Let me know your opinion by commenting because my writings are for you.


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