WordPress Demand. Who uses WordPress? Advantages of WordPress Websites. Which is better – WordPress.com vs. WoprdPress.org

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Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is the best accessible Content Management System (CMS). With which you can also do Blogging.
You can also create a professional website. It is based on Php and MySQL.

Who uses WordPress, what is its value?

TechCrunch, Sony, Facebook, Starwars, BBC, Bloomberg, MTV News, CNN, eBay, Forbes all use it. Many more
There is. Now you can tell why they will use it? Its platform, the design, is stunning, tidy, and reliable, so everyone uses it Does

Why use WordPress?

  • WordPress free
  • Easy to install and use WordPress is Scalable
  • Quick setup and launch
  • WordPress easy to share with social media and others. That means to integrate systems so easy
  • WordPress 100% responsive for mobile, tab. And SEO friendly

Difference WordPress.com vs. Worpdress.org

Advantages of WordPress

WordPress.com vs. WoprdPress.org

  • Free Maintenance vs. Custom Maintenance
  • No Maintenance vs. Fully Maintenance by you
  • No Ecommerce supported vs. E-commerce supported.
  • Forum option not support vs. Forum option recommended (bbPress forum plugin)
  • Single site manageable vs. Mulitple Site manageable
  • Free Blogging option vs. Blogging with the Business site supported.

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